A Conversation with Overachiver Magazine

A Conversation with Overachiver Magazine


June II Issue
Written By Melina Morry

It takes a lot to leave a dream job—something most of us continuously search for throughout our decades-long careers. However, that’s exactly what style-savvy designer Alissa Lapid did to focus on fiercely chasing her goals. After an unglamorous trip to Paris, while working for a Toronto-based luxury womenswear brand and adopting another person’s ambitions for almost five years, she was ready to hit the ground running towards her passions. That’s when NACU became more than just a notion—it became the sole purpose of moving forward.

Growing up, Alissa always had a fascination with expressing herself through clothes and helping people develop their style. It was only natural that she’d gravitate towards launching her very own business one day. After pursuing a degree in fashion design and discovering that she actually enjoyed—or perhaps endured without complaint—the grueling work and sleepless nights that the industry often requires, she moved to Toronto to gain more experience and network with fellow creators.

Today, NACU is based between both Toronto and Alissa’s hometown of Windsor, Ontario. According to the designer, it’s important to her to have her brand based in a place where she initially discovered her personal style and taste. “I wanted to introduce a different type of style [there] that might not necessarily be popular, but I believe is something people look for to express themselves through clothes that aren't always accessible to them,” she explains.

I caught up with Alissa to chat about her breakout brand, the future of sustainability, and why it’s crucial to give Asian creators the platform they deserve.


Check out the full interview at overachievermagazine.com.

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